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Below are some of our most frequently asked questions by past coaching clients.

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It seems that working with tweens/teens seems to be an area of expertise for Project Inside Out! Can you tell me more about your life coaching for teens/tweens?
Project Inside Out! Life Coaching for Teens is an innovative coaching program designed for the tween and teenage years from ages 9 through 19. It is not therapy. It is not tutoring. It is not a substitute for parenting. It is, however, an additional resource for guidance and direction in your teen's life management skills. It is an empowering way to prepare teens for the pressures, realities, heartaches and joys of adulthood... what better time to start than BEFORE mistakes are made.

The Project Inside Out! Life Coaching program can be used as a source for a specific project in your teen's schedule or as an overall development program. The length of time your child is coached depends solely on the outcome you and your child want to achieve. The program is personalized to fit the needs of the individual. Coaching will take place in person (if client is located near the coach) or over the telephone in 45 minute increments and the frequency will be determined in accordance with the goals. I offer a variety of packages and program to fit the needs of all clients. Check out the "be invested" section to learn more about coaching packages and programs.

Project Inside Out! Life Coaching for Teens will assist the teen in developing confidence in their abilities, talents and skills. They face pressures from their peer group and in their scholastic environment. Many compete academically or in sports events and face further demands in those endeavors. Coaching can assist the teen in maintaining a healthy identity while teaching them new tools to improve their scholastic and competitive performance.

Project Inside Out! Life Coaching for Teens will teach your child new skills and effective habits. It will reinforce their ability to make appropriate decisions from a point of self integrity rather than succumbing to peer pressure. It will enhance their basic self confidences and early images of success. These resources will continue to serve them as they continue their development into the adult years.

Why should I hire a life coach for my tween/teen?
Peace of mind is priceless and it’s just one way in which parents of adolescents will greatly benefit from giving their child the gift of life coaching. Other benefits that a teen role model and life coach can provide include:
• A reliable adult that your teen can turn to for support and guidance
• Someone you trust to talk to your teen about the tough or uncomfortable stuff
• Honest insight into today’s “Teen World”
• A positive shift in your teen’s attitude and motivation
• Strategies for better communication and a stronger connection with your teen

What kind of support does life coaching have?
According to Tami Walsh (2009), research has shown that teenagers who have at least three adult role models apart from their parents are significantly less likely to engage in risk-taking behavior.

What is the difference between life coaching and therapy or counseling?
Although coaching and therapy share a person-centered approach and other similarities, there are distinctions. Generally speaking, in counseling and therapy, the therapist is regarded as the expert and the focus is on “fixing” problems by exploring the client’s feelings and past experiences. In contrast, in the life coaching relationship, the coach partners with his/her client(s) to focus on their present circumstances, actions, skills, attitudes, and strengths to help them move forward in their lives. Coaching is most appropriate for people who are otherwise currently mentally healthy.

Life coaching is not psychotherapy. If your past is keeping you stuck or complicating your life, counseling is a better option than coaching. If I suspect any potential mental illness in our clients (eating disorders, cutting/self-mutilation, or serious personality disorders or depression/anxiety, etc.), I will inform the parent/guardian (if client is a minor) and provide appropriate referrals and/or resources.

I am in a unique position in that in addition to being life coach I am also a Licensed Associate Professional Counselor and a Nationally Certified Counselor. Should you wish to continue your work with me in the “counseling context” please visit my counseling practice website at

What is the difference between coaching and mentoring?
There are similarities between coaching and mentoring. In general, mentors guide their mentees towards a defined path, whereas coaches guide their clients on their own path, which is unique and different from their own. As a teen life coach, I help clients tap into their own inner wisdom to discover their own answers and solutions. In my work with tweens/teens, Project Inside Out! I might also be viewed as a mentor or role model.

What is the difference between coaching and consulting?
In general, consultants are responsible for providing deliverables and specialized knowledge related to specific projects. In contrast, in the coaching relationship, the client is ultimately responsible for achieving their own results, with the guidance of his/her coach. When coaching adults in executive coaching sessions, our coaches share knowledge and professional experience when it is beneficial to the clients.

Can I not just read a couple self help books, materials about education programs, or other articles to get answers?
Self help books can be wonderful. However, there is no substitute for ongoing support and accountability as your teen tackles this important transition and decision making period. One on one coaching is customized to your teenager's personality and individual circumstance, and I am available to assist throughout the processing of all the options.

How long does it take to get results?
Typically, weekly sessions over a 3 month period yield powerful results. Occasionally, the issue may be resolved more quickly. Some clients find the process is so helpful, they elect to continue for longer periods to gain continuing benefits.

How long are the life coaching sessions?
Life coaching sessions can take 45-minutes.

How often do you meet with your life coaching clients?
Most of my life coaching clients want to start seeing results quickly, so we typically start by having a session once a week. Over time, however, clients feel more and more confident and need more time to integrate their new skills, so they gradually extend the time between sessions. In-between sessions, clients can keep in touch with us via email or brief phone contacts.

People who attend trainings typically get very excited at first and, for a few days, take some action and make some changes. This is hardly what you want out of coaching. In life coaching, your Personal Growth is the important part, not your knowledge, so proper adjustment to each change you make in your life is very important. Therefore, as your coach, I will provide ongoing support outside the sessions and encourage you to spend as much time as you feel comfortable exploring and integrating your new skills.

Do we need to commit to a certain number of life coaching sessions?
Life coaching is about making a commitment to yourself. I believe that your commitment is essential to your success, but I'm also confident in my ability to give tremendous value to you with life coaching without requiring a certain number of sessions. I do ask clients to truly commit to whatever level of coaching they feel is the best fit for their goals. I want all clients to come to their life coaching sessions because they see the value played out in their own life. In our life coaching agreement, you commit only to doing your best for yourself. Project Inside Out! offers a variety of packages so clients have opportunity to truly take advantage in designing an experience that is best for them. There is no obligation after the intake session, but this session is where you are provided the opportunity to assess (with the help of your life coach!) your level of commitment when you choose a program/package. Once you have enrolled in a program/package I do ask for your commitment to completing it. Clients are always able to add more sessions after completing a package or program if additional support is needed. Most of our clients do choose to continue their life coaching for additional growth after completion of a package/program basic.

How and when do we meet for individual coaching sessions?
Project Inside Out!! offers private and small group coaching in person in North Georgia and by phone. Ongoing 45-minute private coaching sessions are held on a set number of sessions per month, and each client is given a reserved and consistent time slot. Each client's experience is specifically tailored to their needs for coaching. Please see the available packages that outline how many times we will meet.

Does it need to be in person?
No, it does not need to be in person.  In fact, more than one family member can participate on the call.  If geographically possible, face to face is always available.  Our office is in Georgia, but we have clients in California, New Hampshire, Nebraska, Alabama, Vermont, New York, Missouri, Michigan, and even Georgia. 

How do I begin one-on-one coaching sessions with Project Inside Out?
Amanda has a limited number of openings available for private clients. You begin individual coaching with an application and free 15 minute phone consultation/inquiry call to determine whether Project Inside Out! can provide the best solution for you. A private client will not be accepted if the coach doesn't believe that their coaching services are the best fit for the client's needs.  Therefore prospective clients are required to participate in a complimentary 15 minute phone consultation/inquiry call prior to purchasing a coaching package/session/program to discuss whether coaching is an appropriate choice.

How do I schedule ongoing individual coaching sessions?
After the inquiry phone call, if we have agreed that ongoing coaching would be beneficial, you can begin the scheduling process by purchasing a session/package of sessions, which includes a mandatory initial intake session with the parent(s)/guardian(s) if client is a minor. After your payment is confirmed, you will receive a welcome kit via email with instructions regarding scheduling your ongoing sessions. I will meet with each client for their designated number of, 45-minute sessions per month – generally on the same day and time each week unless alternate arrangements are made in advance . Sessions must be scheduled at least one to two weeks prior to the start of each coaching package.

What are the coaching fees?
Coaching services and packages are offered with varying prices depending on session length and the number of sessions purchased. Individual coaching is customized for each client and the sessions are private, so the cost is higher than group coaching. Project Inside Out's! fees are consistent with norms for similar services provided by helping professionals in private practice trained at the master's level. Please contact me to schedule an inquiry call and begin the intake process.

What payment options does Project Inside Out accept?
Clients pay for sessions based on the program and/or package they have chosen. Payment is expected in full via debit or credit card using the online payment system (PayPal) on this web site, cash, or check prior to the first session of the group coaching program or individual coaching package/program. Please note that there is an additional $5 processing fee for all credit card transactions. Fees are to be paid prior to the beginning of each session. Therefore, if you are conducting a session via telephone you must mail payment in advance or pay using our PayPal option. The Project Inside Out! Coach must be notified of rescheduling at least 48 hours before the appointment, otherwise the session will be charged. Please note that refunds for canceled sessions are not possible.

My budget cannot afford private coaching fees. What other options are available?
Since every family/individual cannot afford to hire a private coach for their tween/teen or themselves, I also offer small group coaching sessions at discounted rates.

Do I need to sign a life coaching contract?
Yes. A life coaching contract is a good way to help our client feel that they will get a quality service, but also to get commitment from the client, which is essential. The contract sets out the terms and conditions for a successful delivery of the life coaching and for achieving results. Project Inside Out! uses a simple but comprehensive contract as a good foundation for the life coaching adventure.

Do you guarantee the privacy of my information?
Absolutely! Project Inside Out! guarantees to never use your details or anything you say without getting your permission first.

I am ready to start coaching, but I have a few questions. Can I call you?
Sure. If you are ready to move forward and have a couple of questions, feel free to contact me.