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Why go it alone?

Parents: Why let television, videos, and music be the dominate influences in your teens life? 

Let's start a Girl’s Circle group for your teenage daughter and a few of her friends.  With the help of me, as your Teen Life Coach, your daughter and her friends can discuss issues that are important to them.  They will begin to make connections between the decisions they make and the outcomes they experience.  In addition, they will be affirmed and encouraged to discover and develop their unique gifts in a safe space.

Each group has its own dynamic and direction. Girl’s Circle groups utilize a “grab bag” discussion format where teens bring topics directly to group (or email topics to the Teen Life Coach ahead of time) that are relevant to them! The focus of each group reflects the individualized goals and needs of the teens who meet. Now is the time to make a decision to grow academically, socially, interpersonally, and interpersonally.

So what's on your mind?
*Girl Drama *Boys *School Pressures *Family Concerns *Body Image *Self-esteem

Teens have the opportunity to explore these issues and more in a safe environment among friends, making the connection between decisions and outcomes they experience. 

**E-mail support provided to teen groups**
I would love to meet with you and explore the possibilities!

If you have questions about existing groups or getting your own Girl’s Circle started, give me a call or send me an e-mail.  You'll be glad you did!