speaking engagements
Amanda's message of self-worth, vision and personal power comes from her real-life experience of turning tragedy into triumph and obstacles into opportunities. Her own life's lessons have become the foundation and core philosophy of her business which is based on love, compassion and a deep commitment to help people create a balanced life of peace, prosperity and true happiness. Amanda wants to give back by offering to share those insights at your next event or gathering.

Interactive and Insightful Presentations for both tween/teens and the adults in their lives on a variety of topics including self-esteem, relationships, drugs and alcohol, and others are available and can be scheduled at your convenience. Amanda tailors each workshop to fit the specific needs of the audience that she is working with. The content of our workshop/presentations are appropriate for middle school girls, high school girls as well as college girls. Project Inside Out! also provides presentations for parents of teens, professionals working with youth as well as for women. All speaking engagements are designed to provide a forum to challenge your thinking, learn new tools and have fun in the process. Schools, parents, and community members decide what workshop topic(s) they are interested in and then work directly with the Amanda to set it up. If you are involved with an organization or school that needs a public speaker to address parenting and teenage issues or even a mom/dad who wants to being awareness to a private group of fellow parents, please contact her directly for more information and to learn how she can help your next event be a successful learning experience around teen issues. If you are a teen, parent, teacher, guidance counselor, school nurse, Principal, or PTA members she wants to work with you to help get the ripple effect in action. So what are you waiting for…contact us today to schedule this personalized forum to challenge your thinking, learn new tools and have fun in the process.

Personal Message from Amanda: "I believe that girls have the power to heal and change the world. But we must help them how to tap into their authentic power within and teach them how to love and accept themselves - just the way they are. What used to be a normal stage of development has exploded into a cultural war zone where a girl's worst enemy is herself. I am so passionate about helping young women all over the world become the person they were born to be. It is a privilege to be a part of each girls' journey towards empowerment. Don't deny your girls the opportunity to experience this feeling. Then watch the ripple effect throughout your home, school or organization. That is the power of love in action. Together we can change the world!"

Topics Include:
• Self Esteem and Confidence
• Body Image
• Assertiveness Training
• Addiction
• Emotional Literacy
• Teen Pregnancy Prevention
• Peer Pressure
• Bullying
• Leadership
• Respect
• Eating Disorders
• Relationships and Dating
• Stress
• Burnout
• Motivation
• Attitude
• Personal Power
• Spirituality
• Dreams and Vision
• The Law of Attraction