services for parents
Coaching is a process that creates growth in all areas of your life. At Project Inside Out! I have created numerous services to best meet the needs of my clients.

Parents Need Help Too!
Services for Parents of Teens/Tweens (and grandparents raising teens)

It's tough to raise a teenager in today's world with all of the negative influences. Why not make this period in your life a little easier? Get some support while learning new tools! Project Inside Out! gives parents the strategies and awareness they need to help their teenager develop better self-esteem, thereby creating harmonious family relationships. My approach to issues facing teenagers and pre-teens helps parents develop the skills they need to have a more connected and fun relationship with their teenager or mend a broken relationship. I also coach parents on ways to help their teens learn the skills of responsibility and the ability to make good decisions for themselves. The following services are designed for parents, schools (both public and private) and any group wanting the tools to have a better relationship with tweens and teens:

Individual coaching sessions
Face to face coaching sessions or by phone for parents and/or teens, on issues parents are facing with their teens today. If you are looking to have a healthy, more conscious relationship with your teenager contact me today!

Weekly Parenting Circles

Project Inside Out! offers weekly group sessions to address issues every parent is facing concerning their teenager. Open format, all issues welcome. If a second group needs to be established because of different degrees of issues, this is available. Call to register yourself or a group of parents. Contact me today to inquire about group availability. This service can also be designed for coaching clients who have a group of peers who would like to experience the coaching process together.

Customized Workshops for Parents
In a relaxed group setting, Amanda guides moms through a process of re-connecting with themselves as women, supports them in re-visiting their own adolescent experience and provides tools for more effective parenting of tween and teen girls. The approach and content of these workshops is rooted in Amanda's core philosophy that it requires an empowered mom to raise an empowered daughter.
**Contact Amanda today to get your very own workshop off and running with our helpful "Custom workshop planning guide."

Parent Coaching Topics
  • Positive language (positive focus)
  • Communication styles
  • Love languages
  • Beliefs
  • Rules & boundaries
  • Family Roles
  • Empowering teens
  • Benefits of Parent Life Coaching
  • Improved relationship and connection with your tween/teen
  • Improvements in your tween/teen’s attitude, outlook, and motivation
  • More effective communication with your tween/teen
  • Reality checks, information, resources, and insight into your tween/teen’s world
  • Tools and strategies to help your tween/teen make healthy decisions
  • A trained adult devoted to providing support and guidance to your tween/teen
  • An experienced adult role model skilled at having difficult conversations with your tween/teen about topics that make you uncomfortable
  • Someone to motivate, inspire, challenge, and support your tween/teen and help her achieve their goals
  • …and more!